Epoxy Floor Coating


Long-lasting and Beautiful. Improve your floor with professional quality epoxy.

There are dozens of reasons to have an epoxy coating applied to your concrete floors. An epoxy coat provides extreme durability and a striking visual. You can protect against heavy wear and tear, create a cleaner (and more easily cleaned) environment and brighten the room.

Every epoxy flooring project must start with a clean space so the material can set up correctly. We strive for the cleanest surface possible and leave no stone unturned.

The epoxy that we apply is unlike anything you would find in a do-it-yourself home improvement store. Super fast setting & longer lasting, this is an expert quality floor coating suited for a multitude of purposes.

Once the space is cleaned and prepared, the epoxy can be applied. The material is mixed to your specifications and the application is done carefully by our expert staff.

As the epoxy sets, we evaluate the area and make sure the application was done correctly, the surrounding area wasn't damaged and that the product is setting correctly.

A protective coating is added and the surface is given its finishing touches once the epoxy is set. This final touch ensures that the entire process is as durable as it is beautiful.

The end result from this process is a bright, durable surface that is easy to maintain, can stand up to a beating and will last for years to come.