The Project Gallery


Interior or Exterior - Painting, Staining, or Finishing, we'll get the job done.

We take pride in all that we do, and believe that our work speaks for itself.  The following projects are just a glimpse of the work that we have had the pleasure of performing.  Browse the gallery; you may even discover inspiration for a project of your own.


Finishing Touches: Trim & Detail Work

It can often be the details that bring a room together.  We were recently invited into this beautiful house to refresh the trimming and ceilings.  Not only did the white accents set off the subtle color of the walls, but it also brightened the room.  We were able to refresh the look of this home with a subtle painting technique.


Wallpaper Removal and Bedroom Painting

Not only did we paint over an off-putting pink color but we also stripped off old wallpaper as well.  You'll never find color bleeding or residual wallpaper glue in the work that we do.  The effect the clean white walls had on this bedroom was to make it brighter and more open feeling as well.


Trim to Bring It All Together

We were contacted by the owner of this beautiful abode after they spotted work that we had performed for their neighbors.  Freshly painted trim was our contribution to the visual appeal of this home and can refresh the look of a weathering home without a complete exterior painting overhaul.


Preserving Wood Siding - Staining & Mold Removal

Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to ensure a project is done correctly.  Before we could stain this natural wood exterior, we had to power-wash the entire building to cleanse it of mold.  After the wood was clean we applied a high quality stain and even repainted the garage doors.  This treatment can add years to the life of your wood siding which can be especially susceptible to the elements.


Sealing & Water-Proofing

Wood is a beautiful building material, but it must be protected from the elements when outside.  Deck sealing/waterproofing is another service that we proudly offer.  It's a good idea to ensure that your deck's seal is fresh and still causing water to bead on its surface.  Have a deck with an ineffectual seal?  Give us a call!


Intricate Exterior Staining

Wood staining and wood finishing is the crowning touch that brings out the true beauty of wood. This project in particular posed some real challenges with the intricate layout of the windows. Using special tools we were able to efficiently paint around each of the windows without worrying about damage caused by ladders or sacrificing quality or efficiency. The bottom line - a beautifully careful exterior staining job that lasts.